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Business Planning & Development Unit


Technologies for commercialization:


1.  Crop hybrids/varieties


v      High quality protein, baby corn and winter maize hybrids

v      Barley variety for malt quality

v      Guar varieties for industrial gum content

v      Commercialization of Medicinal crop varieties of mulahatti, isabgol, perwinkle & dhaincha.

v      Male sterile lines, disease resistant hybrids of  bajra  and other crops

v      Scented Basmati rice varieties for export

v     Durum wheat varieties for pasta products

v      Hybrids/Varieties of tomato, okra, brinjal and spices

v      Export quality marigold varieties for floriculture


2.  Machines


v      Mechanical and hand operated Aonla (Indian gooseberry) Pricking Machines

v      Solar Hara & Dryer


3.  Food Products


v      Pro-biotic Foods

v      Value Added Products of Maize and Pearlmillet

v      Instant Upma and Halwa Mix

v      High Fibre- Low Fat Biscuits

v      Organic Herbal Biscuits

v      Noodles/pasta products

v      Shelf Stable Chapatties

v      Ready to Cook Rajmash-Tomato Mix

v      Curry Paste Concentrate & Curry Powder

v      Osmo Dried Aonla

v      Kachari Spread & Powder

v      Guava RTS (Ready-To-Serve) Drinks

v      Carrot Candy


4. Animal Products


v     Low sodium meat patties and rolls

v     Instant chicken curry

v     Gizzard pickle

v     Enrobed Chicken Patties

v     Chicken sausage, rolls and patties

v     Chicken meat puffs, loaves and spread

v     Chicken cutlets and pickle

v     Egg pickle

v     Low cholesterol burfi

v     Ready to serve spiced paneer

v     Sugar free rasogulla

v     Low calorie flavoured milk


5. Veterinary Products


v     Disease diagnostic kits

v     Vaccines

v     Preparation of a diagnostic reagent for testing of HS in cattle and buffalo

v     Milk urea spot test kit


6. Resource Management Technologies

v      Liquid  Biofertilizers

v     Fixed Dome Biogas Plants For Solid-State Digestion Of Cattle Dung:

v     Composting of Manually Harvested Rice-Straw:


7. Biotechnology Products

v     Micropropagation of ornamental, horticultural and medicinal plants.

v     Product development of available/licenced genes in crops like Rice, Brassica juncea, cauliflower and chickpea

v     DNA testing(Fingerprinting)  of premium Basmati rice supplies/ export consignments

v     Poly hydroxy butyrate (PHB) production by ecofriendly rhizobia from agri-byproducts towards cost effective biodegradable plastics


8. Biological Control �Multiplication and release of insect parasitoids

9. Mushroom cultivation technology



Facilities to be provided for companies and entrepreneurs

v                 Agreement based access to Laboratories

v                 Working space with facilities of computers, internet, phone etc. for member companies/entrepreneurs

v                 Validation of technology

v                 Technical consultancy

v                 Pilot scale Demonstration


v                 No routine marketing/manufacturing permissible to companies/entrepreneurs