The department was carved out from the department of Botany and Plant Pathology in 1970 with eminent scientist and academician in chair like late dynamic Prof. O. P. Garg and Prof. T. M. Varghese who nurtured it with their academic excellence and vision. The department offers M.Sc and Ph. D. degrees in Botany as well as in Plant Physiology.

                The department also caters to the requirements of UG and PG programs of College of Agriculture and College of Home Science. The department has so far produced 125 M.Sc. and 65 Ph.D. scholars some of them occupying high positions at the national level. At present, there are 12 M. Sc. students and 11 Ph. D students. Most of our students are getting fellowship from ICAR, INSPIRE (DST) and VIED (Vietnam) and two Post Doctoral Fellowships (PDF) from UGC, New Delhi.

The department is having a highly trained and talented faculty that consists of five Professors, one Sr. Plant Physiologist, one Plant Physiologist and one Sr. Botanist-cum-Superintendent Botanical Garden. In addition, there are two Sr. Plant Physiologists and two Plant Physiologists (Scientist) posted in various related departments of College of Agriculture. At Regional Research Station Uchani, Karnal one Sr. Plant Physiologist is working. The department has a Botanical Garden sprawled over an area of 10.5 acre with rich biodiversity. The department has done pioneering work in conserving the indigenous local species of plants and also introduction of exotic species from other places. Various native and exotic trees, shrubs, herbs, climbers, aquatic plants, cacti and succulents have been grown and arranged in taxonomical order for imparting knowledge to our students as well as general public. Flower shows and Bonsai making trainings are organized from time to time.   

Designation, Name and Specialization of the Faculty Members

Plant Physiology

Dr. A.S.Nandwal Professor Abiotic Stresses, Nodulation & Nitrogen Fixation

Dr. Sunita Sheokand



Stress Physiology, Nodulation & Nitrogen fixation

Dr. H. L. Sehtia

Senior Scientist

Crop Physiology

Regional Research Station (HAU) - Uchani, Karnal.


Dr. Rajiv Angrish

Senior Scientist

Stress Physiology , Phytoremediation


Dr. J.K. Sandooja

Senior Scientist & Head

Post-Harvest Technology - Department of Horticulture


Dr. K. D. Sharma

Sr. Scientist

Crop Physiology & Abiotic Stress - Department of Agronomy


Dr. Renu Munjal

Sr. Scientist

Stress Physiology (High Temperature Stress) - Wheat and Barley Section, Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding


Dr. Neeraj Kumar

Sr. Scientist

Pulses & Stress Physiology


Dr.(Mrs.) Sarita Devi Assistant  Scientist Plant Physiology  




Dr.(Mrs.) Anita Kumari Asstt.Plant Physiologist Plant Physiology  





Dr. S.C.Goyal Professor Plant Anatomy, Tissue Culture & Morphogenesis  
Dr. U.K. Varshney Sr. Botanist-cum-Superintendent  Botanical Garden Plant Ecology, Taxonomy & Stress Physiology 

Post Doctoral Fellow 

Dr. Sarita Devi

Stress Physiology (Salt Stress)

Achievements of the Faculty:

          Most of the faculty members have visited foreign countries to attain advanced expertise in various fields of botanical and plant physiological research. The faculty has written 19 books and 3 Practical Manuals. Three Professor Emeritus were awarded by ICAR. Research work carried out by the PG students and faculty has been published in the form of 425 research and review papers. Our teachers / scientists bagged 24 research projects from various agencies like ICAR, CSIR, DBT, New Delhi, PURSE (DST), New Delhi, DST (Haryana), INSID, Ministry of water Resources, New Delhi, Potash Research Institute of India (PRII, Gurgaon) and funding worth of several lakhs have been sanctioned to this department.


Name of Fellowship/Foreign Assignment

Name of the Scientist



UNESCO Fellowship- Australia

Dr. S. K. Varma*



UNESCO Fellowship-USA

Dr. S. Bharti*



NAAS Fellow

Dr. I. S. Sheoran*



UNESCO Fellowship

Dr. I. S. Sheoran*



Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship

Dr. I. S. Sheoran*



Rice Biotechnology Career Fellowship

Dr. I. S. Sheoran*



PDF by USSR Govt. USSR Academy of Sciences Moscow, Moscow.

Dr. Swaraj Kumari*



Invited by Ministry of Education and Science, Govt. of Spain to work in a joint EC project

Dr. Swaraj Kumari*



AHRD Training program. At UMASS AMHERST, USA

Dr. H. R. Dhingra



DAAD Fellowship - AACHEN, Germany

Dr. H. R. Dhingra



Commonwealth Fellowship-UK

Dr. Sunita Sheokand



AHRD Fellowship - Australia

Dr. A. S. Nandwal



PDF European Community-UK

Dr. K. S. Datta*



UNESCO Fellowship-USA

Dr. Promila Kumari*



DAAD Fellowship -  Germany

Dr. S. Siddiqui



Indo-Hungarian Exchange Program

Dr. S. Siddiqui



Visiting Scientist - Chonbuk National University, South Korea

Dr. C .L. Goswami*


*Retired faculty members. 

Collaboration with other discipline: -

Teaching: - Seed Science and Technology, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology and Biochemistry.

Research: - Plant Breeding, Agronomy, Soil Science, Horticulture, Vegetable, Agroforestry and Seed Science and Technology 

Awards and Recognitions:

      Hari Om Ashram award for team research, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai award and NAAS Fellow were awarded to Dr. I. S. Sheoran.

      National award of Academy for Advancement in Agricultural Sciences (AAAS-senior) year 2003 and Bharat Jyoti award- 2006 were awarded to Dr. A. S. Nandwal.

      Most of the faculty members are Fellow of Indian Society for Plant Physiology (ISPP, New Delhi) and Indian Botanical Society. Drs. S. Bharati, M. S. Kuhad and C. L. Goswami and Dr. A. S. Nandwal have been Vice-President of ISPP. Dr. H. R. Dhingra and Dr. Rajiv Angrish have been elected as Member Editorial Board and Zonal Secretary (North), IJPP, New Delhi, respectively.

      Dr. A.S. Nandwal and Dr. R. Angrish  have been Honoured with Fellow of Indian Society for Plant Physiology by Dr. M.S. Swaminathan, Member Rajaya Sabha, Govt. of India (2008).

      Dr. A.S. Nandwal, has been Recognised as International Scientific Expert in the field of Nitrogen Fixation by, the world of Laboratries, USA (2010).

      Research paper entitled Plant water status Salinization and desalinization published in Journal of Plant Physiology (2007), 164 (9): 1161-1169 has been             included in the list of Ten Top articles published in the same domain since our     publication (2007-2010). By www. Charlottesville, VA 22905 - USA.

 Course catalogue: - UG Courses - Website COA/COHS
                                          PG Courses - Website Dean PGS

Students Placement (Last five years) : -

Dr Bhumesh Kumar - Senior Scientist - Directorate of weed science research -          Jabalpur 2009-10

Dr Subodh Kumar - Assistant Professor- Agro Business - IIM -Ahmadabad - 2008-09

Scientist in ARS:
1. Chandan Kumar 2008-09
2. Mahesh Kumar - 2007-08
3. Pooja - 2009-10
4. Ashwani - 2010-11
5. Anita - 2011-12
6. Dr. Anita Mann (Sr. Scientist) - 2011-12

UGC- Post Doctoral Fellowship for women: 
1. Dr. Anita Kumari- 2010-11
2. Dr. Sarita Devi - 2010-11

DST, INSPIRE Fellowship- P. Bhasker (Ph. D. Scholar) -2010-11
Scientific Officer - II: Dr Subhash Kajala (CPB)
Project Scientist - Dr Rohtash (CPB)

Research Associate -
1. Dr Champa - 2008-09
2. Dr Sunaina - 2010-11
3. Dr Subhra - 2008-09

Senior Research Fellowship: Dr. Vinita 2009-10
Junior Research Fellowship: Dr Sukham 2011
DST, INSPIRE Fellowship- Poonam (Ph. D. Scholar) -2011-12

Dr. Sunder Singh- Assistant Professor- 2MDU, Rohtak-2012-13

Infrastructural Development:

i)                    The department has developed 20 salinity micro plots to determine phyto-remediating potential of halophytic flora and 24 lysimeter have been installed in field to determine the transpirational potential of trees having importance in bio-drainage.

ii)                   Experimental farms spread over 25 acres have been developed to evaluate bio-drainage potential of trees to improve waterlogged soils.

 Thrust Areas of Research: 

  1. Screening of genotypes of important crops for nutrient efficiency, drought, salinity, low and high temperature stresses. The next step will be identification of gene (s) involved in plant responses to the above mentioned stresses.
  2. Identification of efficient multipurpose tree species (MPTS) and Industrial crops for survival and efficient uptake of heavy metals is anticipated to combat problems associated with heavy metal contaminated soils.
  3. Identification of efficient biodrainer tree species and their popularization among farming community by demonstration in farmers field will help to overcome the problem of rising water table in the state.
  4. Overcoming of pre- and post fertilization barriers in incompatible crop genotypes along with parasexual hybridization, Micropropagation of endangered medicinal plants and secondary metabolite production (active principle of medicinal plants) under in vitro conditions and Ecophysiology will be other thrust areas for future research.
  5. Another important aspect of research in the coming years will be to work on Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) signaling in plants.


Salient Research Achievements:
Annual Chrysanthemum Flower Show is organized by the Department in the month of December every year and is very popular event of the University among the faculty/students and general public. The faculty/students are also involved in Training Programmes/Workshops.  


Package and Practices:
Biodrainage system having Eucalyptus tereticornis as a strip plantation should be established on the water logged soils. In this model north to south field boundary is converted into 2.6 m wide and 45 cm high raised bund on which two rows of trees can be planted. The intervening space is left for the crops with minimum of shade effect due to the north-south direction of bunds initiated by Drs. O.P. Toky, Rajiv Angrish and J.C. Kaushik included in the HAU Package of Practices.

Future Projections:

      Teaching of various UG/PG courses for M. Sc. and Ph. D. programme in the   university as per revised course catalogue.

       Preparation of manuals and teaching aids for UG/PG programme.

       Screening of genotypes for their tolerance against abiotic stresses especially high temperature stress. The next step will be identification of proteins and gene (s) involved in plant responses to the above mentioned stresses.

       Identification of efficient multipurpose tree species and Industrial crops for    survival and efficient uptake of heavy metals is anticipated to combat problems associated with heavy metals contaminated soils (effluent of Industries).

       Identification of efficient biodrainer tree species to overcome the problem of      waterlogging.

      Overcoming of pre and post fertilization barriers in incompatible crop genotypes along with parasexual hybridization, ecophysiology and Micropropatation of  medicinal plants.

      Another important aspect of research in the coming years will be to work on   Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) signaling in plants.

 Training/Symposium/Conferences Organized:

*   Organized 4 day Third Indian Palynological conference on Palynology in Crop Production & Improvement? in September 21-23, 1981.

*   Organized 3 day symposium of Plant Physiology (1984) in collaboration with Indian Society for Plant Physiology, New Delhi.

*  The Department organized National Level Training Programme Biodrainage: Potential   and Practice    funded by Ministry of Water Resources G.O.I., from Feb 1st to 6th, 2008. Dr. R. Angrish of this Department was the Course Director, held at DHRM, CCS HAU, Hisar.



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