Budget Branch :

This Branch prepares the budget of the whole University.  The Budget is prepared scheme-wise.  Budget Branch arranges the SNEs scheme-wise from the various departments, scrutinize, consolidate them and then send to the State Govt. for providing the budget under the Non-Plan (Agri.), Non Plan (Vety.) and Plan (Agri.) Schemes.  After the receipt of the sanctions from the State Govt. regarding Budget Estimates, the budget is presented before the Finance Committee and Board of Management of the University for its approval.  This Branch also arranges the Revised Estimates as well as prepares the E&S Statements.  Beside this, this Branch also arranges the sanctions and budget from the various Financing Agencies i.e. State Govt., ICAR and Other Agencies etc. The total budget of the university for the current year.

The matter regarding revision of pay scales of Teachers and other employees of the University is also dealt by this Branch.