Pension Branch :


This Branch maintains Pension accounts of all the retirees.  This Branch pursue and process the pension cases of the employees before six months from the due date of retirement so that all the retiral benefits may be given to the employees immediately on the retirement.  This Branch also invests the pension funds in the various term deposits in the banks to earn the maximum interest.  The interest so earned is credited to the Pension Fund.  This Branch also deals with the gratuity case of the retirees. This Branch also maintains the accounts of the General Provident Funds/CPF.  The amount deducted from the salary of employees is invested in the scheduled banks in fixed deposits to earn the interest.  The interest so earned is paid to the employees.  Beside this, refundable and non-refundable advances are given to the employees as per rules.  Final payment of GPF/CPF is also arranged by the branch.